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10 Jul 2017

There is More than One Type of Air Compressor

When I think of an air compressor, I think of something that compresses a large amount of air through a small opening to create a large amount of pressure for using power tools. We have a small, portable air compressor that is used with a nail gun.

1 Aug 2017

Tool Boxes come in all Shapes and Sizes

I remember my Dad having a tool box when I was a kid, and it was never really that organized. But for my husband, one is not enough, he has three tool boxes.

27 Jul 2017

Is Woodworking the Hobby for You?

Woodworking covers a variety of processes, such as cabinetmaking, joinery, marquetry, turning, and woodcarving.

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  •   12 Jul 2017   Posted By Rudolph D.   7 Favs   0 Comments

    How to protect your Home from Leakages and Flooding?

    What are the Signs that indicate the need of Waterproofing your Home?

    Wet basement and leaky walls are the most common indicators of a water leakage problem. But, these are not the only ones. There are a few other subtle signs that will help you identify the urgent need of waterproofing your home:

    1. Slight odor and dampness

  •   10 Jul 2017   Posted By Pauline W.   5 Favs   0 Comments

    Amazing Metal Carports

    Metal carports are great for storing vehicles under, but they are also fun to stand under when it is raining. I have a lot of early memories of doing that during the big thunderstorms that would roll through the Arizona desert. I can almost smell the rain and dust, and hear the rhythmic tapping on the metal roof above. Sort of scary, but fun at the same time.

  •   24 Jul 2017   Posted By Ashley E.   81 Favs   0 Comments

    The Basics Of A Home Energy Audit

    Environmental concerns and skyrocketing oil prices have caused Americans to reevaluate their next steps forward. While the home seems like an impenetrable fortress, there are many spaces which create drafts, waste energy and allow expensive heat to escape. Homeowners have all different goals and budgets, but increasing home energy efficiency is a possibility for everyone.